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The bsnsPACK is a POS, Inventory tracking, bookkeeping database script built on Omnis 7.

At the present time it is being used in businesses as diverse as a bike shop, a music store and an after-market truck and rv accessories sales and services shop.

From the sales slips generated by the cash register PACK and the invoices from the shop PACK, incomes and accounts receivable are tracked.

With the inventory PACK supplies are entered into the business and accounts payable are maintained.

The bookkeeping functions track all functions of the business accounts.









schlPACK - a student demographics, record keeping, scheduling database built on Omnis 7 .

The schlPACK starts with a student demographics window. From this window all information about the student can be accessed.

Information accessed from this window is entered in separate windows that can be modified to reflect your school

Staff information is also maintained and combined with class information to generate class schedules.

Grades and Awards for each student can be added in appropriate windows.







mdiaPACK is a media center database built on Omnis 7 .

The mdiaPACK was built for the Iowa Religious Media Center. It keeps track of the collection, the clients, their dues, and a production division.

The collection is scheduled for delivery to clients, the lists to pull are generated as needed. The returns are entered into the computer when they are returned to the shelf.

The catalog is generated from the collection information.

Rentals from non-clients is handled automatically and the information is passed on to the bookkeeping department.






ctctPACK is a Contact management database built on Omnis 7 .

The ctctPACK was built for Palmer Search Group. It keeps track of companies and the contacts in those companies with full Call History, and search capabilites.

The contacts are also available in the candidates file for hiring.











optcPACK is wholesale/retail database program

for lens manufacturers built on Omnis 7 .

The optcPACK was developed to provide barcode numbers and label printout for lens manufacturers and resellers. It was subseqently expanded to handle sales, invoicing, customer tracking, accounts receiveable, accounts payable, ordering and quoting.










German Translations








Software Training


I believe in each person who learns about some part of computering telling anyone who asks about solutions that work. To that end I try to help people discover solutions for their tasks in the software they are used to using.


I help people solve problems in and have experience with Microsoft Works, Microsoft Word, Pagemaker, Omnis 7, Filemaker Pro, Access, Timeslips, Mac OS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, other databases, spreadsheets and operating systems.






Hardware Consultation and Installation


To help clients make use of the programs I write for them specifically or when they use one of the PACKs, I often help them make decisions about and install the necessary hardware. This gives me knowhow in Mac and Wintel systems, peripherals, and networking.

Recently I have been helping a new group of clients who are not users of my programs to solve hardware and networking problems. For instance, I have put one firm back on line with its Xenix system.

Call 515-961-3368 or email cwpullen@prodigy.net to receive a list of references.










I often put together slide shows for students in my classes. You can view some of these by clicking on the links here.











To download a PACK, click on the PACK downloads and then choose the PACK you want. When the download is complete, log out, run your decompression program and then install the PACK on all your machines.

PACKs from the Internet open as Zip executable files. In the Windows environment running the file will install the PACK on the c:\ directory. To UnZip the the files on a Mac, download (from TUCOWS) and run UnZip 5.32 from Info-Zip. If you are a PEACE client, you know the password. If you aren't call 515-961-3368.

 PACK downloads



Omnis 7 is available at www.omnis-software.com. UnZip for the Macintosh.